summit2017It was a great opportunity to listen to expert speakers, make new friends, spend time with old friends, and learn about new products from our exhibitors and sponsors.

Here are a few conference highlights:

Conference Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr. Randal Pinkett, brought great energy to the room as he spoke on how to help students achieve success. Dr. Pinkett held a book signing immediately following his address.


Speaker Michele Deck brought props to help describe what motivates each generation (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials).


Panelists Leslie Templeman, Chad Callahan, Jeff Tredo, and Moderator Janet Silver discussed how to best assist students during college closures.


Joe Kuhl and Tom Calandrillo, Five Towns College, presented on how to bring excitement into the classroom using experimental technologies.


Dr. Daphne Galkin (pictured) and Dr. Daishia Howard, The College of Westchester, began their discussion with some humor. The presentation detailed how CW has addressed challenges and improved outcomes in its Medical Assistant Management Program














Opening Reception of the 2017 Innovation Summit.

APC Opening Reception 3
APC Opening Reception 2
APC Opening Reception 7
APC Opening Reception 5a






































Welcome Dinner

APC Welcome Dinner CW 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner LIM 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner Monroe 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner Island Draft & 5Towns 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner EBI 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner B&S2 6.16.17 APC Welcome Dinner jamestown & berk 6.16.17