AINYC students Tesia DeCouto and Dan Altuz participate in the production of a Q&A session

AINYC students Tesia DeCouto and Dan Altuz participate in the production of a Q&A session

In order to show all interested parties films that are nominated or considered for Academy Awards, each year hosts the Variety Screening Series on both coasts. After the films are shown, the A-List filmmakers conduct a Q & A session, for the mostly industry audiences.

Video Production instructor Jason Moore, an active industry professional, was asked by his contacts at Variety if he would produce a series for their website showing segments of the Q & A sessions. A comparable series is produced in Los Angeles by working professionals; their work is now side by side on the website with ours, created by students and graduates.

To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, the entire Video Production faculty compiled a list of outstanding students and recent graduates who had demonstrated their skills and ability as well as their work ethic. The rotating crew has twelve members.

Students function as camera operators, editors and production managers. The positions are paid, and provide many students with their first professional job in the industry. Their resumes will now show names of films and directors that are highly recognizable, since their work is under consideration for an Oscar.

According to instructor Jason Moore who acts as supervisor, “This is as good as a first time job as there could be in this industry. I wish I had had this opportunity when I was just starting out!”

There will be approximately 10 – 15 assignments. Two have been completed: The White Ribbon, an Austrian-German film that takes place just before World War I, and We live in Public, a documentary about the loss of privacy in the Internet age.

Screenings are held at Sunshine Cinemas in SoHo, and the DGA (Director’s Guild) theater in midtown.

The crew began working on the project in mid-September, and will continue through January. Jason hopes the team will be asked back next year, and that this assignment will become an annual opportunity for students to gain real-world experience, mirroring the school’s involvement with the Tribeca Film Festival.