APC Colleges Celebrate 40 Years of the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)


On Tuesday, March 11, more than 100 students, faculty and administrators from New York’s degree-granting proprietary colleges donned blue backpacks as they made their way around the state Capitol encouraging lawmakers to join them in celebrating 40 years of TAP by ensuring it is available to all students who need it – even students attending two-year degree granting colleges.


In highlighting their message, delegates representing New York’s Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC) thanked lawmakers for rejecting deep cuts to TAP in recent years, and acknowledged their support of the governor’s proposed 2014-15 budget, which maintains TAP at current levels.


However, APC delegates reminded lawmakers that in 2010, students enrolled in colleges that only offer two-year degrees had their TAP awards reduced by 20 percent. As a result the maximum award went from $5,000 to $4,000. The reduction has impacted thousands of students, some of whom need TAP the most.


For many students, entering the higher education pipeline through a two-year degree granting program is their only opportunity. This year, help APC celebrate 40 years of TAP by making sure all students have equal access to TAP and allow all students to reach the maximum award, regardless of where they attend college. Let’s truly provide all students with a chance to succeed.