APC LogoWithin a few short weeks, APC students, faculty and administrators sent more than 100,000 e-mail messages to lawmakers imploring them to reject proposed cuts to the state’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) within the proposed executive budget.

“These 100,000 letters are proof that New Yorkers support TAP and believe it is a worthwhile investment in the future of our work force and our state,” said Stephen J. Jerome, APC president and president of Monroe College in the Bronx and New Rochelle. “Any cuts to the TAP program are not in the best interest of New York or its students.”

The executive budget proposes cutting the maximum TAP award from $5,000 to $4,000 for full-time students enrolled in two-year colleges – unfairly targeting the neediest students in New York. “There is no justification to set TAP payments based on the length of the program at the institution a student attends,” Jerome added. “This will establish a two-tier TAP system that is contrary to the New York State Regents’ goal of promoting access to higher education.”

For 35 years TAP has made it possible for thousands of New Yorkers to afford college. It is an investment in New York students. Once the students graduate, they are able to secure good jobs here in New York and become productive, taxpaying members of their communities.