Jimmy Hernandez, Dr. Warren Rosenberg, Maria Moreira Herrera

Jimmy Hernandez, Dr. Warren Rosenberg, Maria Moreira Herrera

During the spring, the Clemson Institute for the Study of Capitalism brings students, distinguished professors, activists and other experts on liberty together to study the foundations of a free society. Under the topic “Capitalism: Unlocking Human Potential,” College of Westchester students, Maria Moreira Herrera (BBA-Business) and Jimmy Hernandez (BBA-Accounting), participated in this conference. Both felt the experience was extremely rewarding.

“We were exposed to two important concepts, capitalism and morality,” Maria said. “I learned that the more I have, the more I can help someone else. This may sound selfish, but is not because you’re also learning morality, and how to help others.”

Conference attendees acquire a better understanding of what capitalism and morality are, and how to effectively fight for them.

“You have the right to pursue happiness, Jimmy explained. “However, the most important point is to never forget about people. In other words, we’re talking about pursing happiness with a moral code.”

Both students felt really proud to represent The College of Westchester as well as the state of New York, as they were the only attendees from New York.