The BFA Advertising and Graphic Design and MFA Design Departments at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) have been recognized in student competitions by major industry organizations, with more student projects from SVA selected than from any other college.

Best in Show

SVA has 24 projects recognized in The One Show College Competition, an annual competition organized by The One Club, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in advertising. This year, students were given a choice of two brands to reposition: Nooka, a high-end fashion accessory line, or Million Trees NYC, an organization dedicated to planting trees across New York City. 37 students from SVA created winning campaigns for both brands, including a non-traditional campaign by Merit winners Hez Kim, Jang Cho and Michael Oh featuring a promotional piece for Nooka modeled after a nightclub admission bracelet. There were over 3000 submissions to the competition, whose categories include logo design, print campaign and non-traditional campaign, and 92 have been recognized with Merit or Pencil Awards.

The Pencil winners from SVA are all from the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department: Yoshie Asei, Jane Cronk, Chelsea Cumings, Marianna D’Annunzio, Young Wook Kim, James Kuczynski, Hisashi Matsui, Carlos Ochoa, Frankmy Olivo, Liza Sie and Pablo Velez. Awards of Gold, Silver or Bronze status will be presented to the Pencil winners at The One Show Student Award Ceremony on Wednesday, May 12.

The Merit winners are Yoshie Asei, Jin H. Chang, Cindy Cho, Jang Cho, Yong Joon Cho, Hyung Rak Choi, Jane Cronk, Chelsea Cumings, Marianna D’Annunzio, Amanat Dugal, C. Patrick Ferguson, Bona Jeong, Bo Mi Jo, Jae Sung Jung, Hez Kim, Hyojoo Kim, Young Wook Kim, James Kuczynski, Gue Rim Lee, Hanso Lee, Yoon Bin Lee, Win Lin, Stephen Lobosco, Michael Lubrano, Hisahi Matsui, Hye Jung Na, Carlos Ochoa, Michael Oh, Frankmy Olivo, Liza Sie, Michelle Sjoberg, Dahee Song, Pablo Velez, Chung Woo, Kimberly Yau, Eun Jung Yoo and Jihee Yoon.

Top Type

Of the 36 winning student type design projects to make it into the Type Directors Club (TDC) annual exhibition and print publication, 16 were created by SVA students and alumni. The TDC is an international organization whose aim is to support excellence in typography, both in print and on screen. Student projects feature typography in poster design and corporate identity, such as the typeface comprised of forks designed by Eun-Jung Yoo. The exhibition “TDC 56” will open Tuesday, July 13, at The Cooper Union in New York. The work will also be part of traveling exhibitions to Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain and Taiwan and included in the organization’s annual, Typography 31. The annual will be designed by BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department faculty member Paul Sahre and will be released in December.

The selected projects from SVA were created by current students in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department Jiwon Kim, Young Bum Kim, Thomas Losinski, Yumi Nakamura and Eunjung Yoo; current students in the MFA Design Department: Rosina Bosco, Wesley Gott, Karin Soukup, Jules Tardy and James Kyungmo Yang; and 2009 graduates from the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department Tom Grunwald, Ihn Sun Kim and Ann Im Sunwoo.

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