A window display titled “Made in the USA,” designed by Visual Merchandising students from LIM College, was recently unveiled at The Fashion Center Space for Public Art and Design, which is part of the headquarters of the Fashion Center Business Improvement District (BID), the not-for-profit corporation that promotes New York City’s apparel industry. The window will be on display through December 15, 2011.

The window features images of products and brands that are “Made in the USA” that one might spot during a quintessential all-American pastime: tailgating. The back of a Chevrolet truck with Goodyear tires holds classic tailgating treats including the iconic American hotdog, Coca-Cola, and snack brands such as Cracker Jack, Lay’s potato chips and Doritos. And a mannequin wears an ensemble made completely from labels of the Hershey brand — the top combines cuttings of the wrappers of Kit Kat bars and Reese’s Pieces and the skirt flounce is a double tier of Hershey chocolate bar wrappers.

The window design aims to showcase great American brands and encourage their purchase to help support the American economy and domestic job security by asking the question “Where Were You Made?”

The window was conceived, designed and installed by the students in LIM College’s Visual Presentation course, which is taught by Marjorie Lee Woo, Associate Chair of the Visual Merchandising Department. Participating students included: Carinne Cusanelli, Symone Audain, Danielle Locke, Aurora Lopez, Abby Yisrael and Samantha Scopo. Eric Feigenbaum, Chair of the Visual Merchandising Department, also assisted with the installation.

“The Fashion Center has provided an incredible opportunity for our Visual Merchandising students,” said LIM College President Elizabeth S. Marcuse. “We hope this window display brings a smile to the thousands of New Yorkers and visitors who see it as they walk through the Garment District, while also stimulating conversation about some of the important economic issues facing our nation.”