The LIM College Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) team met with success at SIFE’s National Expo in Minneapolis on May 11-13.  The SIFE team, for the first time in LIM College history, won their league competition and advanced to the semi-finals. The LIM College team was one of only 20 SIFE teams across the nation, out of the nearly 200 colleges/universities who were eligible to compete at the national level, to attain this honor.

SIFE works with teams of college students on campuses around the world to teach ethical and socially conscious business practices. LIM College SIFE has sought to improve the lives of individuals through service-oriented business projects. This year, SIFE completed seven projects, including providing job search training for women in need, coaching local entrepreneurs in merchandising for a small children’s boutique, and helping a young entrepreneur and LIM College alumna grow her business in manufacturing eco-friendly accessories in Guatemala.

SIFE also develops in its members academic excellence and professional achievement, qualities that are evident among the LIM College SIFE students. To wit, all senior members of the team received job offers from their Senior Co-op internship employers.

The LIM College SIFE Advisor is Professor Marla Greene, who was assisted by Professors Charles Fradella and Mary Ann Dray.