Macys_windows_fullPaul Olszewski, an adjunct faculty member in LIM College’s Visual Merchandising Department, heads the team that creates and installs the iconic holiday window displays at Macy’s flagship location in Herald Square.

This year’s windows, titled “Dream… and Believe” tell the story of a boy who dreams of a magical, mystical wonderland. In bringing this vision to life, Professor Olszewski has not only made the dreams of countless holiday visitors a reality, he also gave two LIM students – Erin Meade and Sarah Montgomery – the opportunity of a lifetime by enlisting their assistance in the production of the display.

Said Erin, “I did everything from paint the Christmas trees to help sculpt and smooth out the ice sculptures. I even worked with LED lights that surprise viewers by turning into fairies. It was an honor to be able to work on Macy’s holiday windows and be part of something that inspires and delights so many people.”