LIM College's new logoFashion, Business and Personal Enrichment Classes Available to the Public this Fall

LIM College, which is located in New York City and focused exclusively on the study of business and fashion, is launching a new Continuing Education and Professional Studies program, with courses beginning in September 2013.

Offerings will range from instruction in software programs in wide use in today’s workplace, (including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and Google Sketchup Pro), to launching and marketing your own fashion business, to in-depth explorations of New York City’s iconic museums and architectural landmarks.

 Courses will be offered to the public during weekday evenings and on the weekend at prices which range between $50 – $375. These non-credit, non-degree-granting classes are intended to provide professional and/or personal enrichment to those interested in fashion, the fashion industry and/or entrepreneurship.

In announcing the launch of LIM College’s Continuing Education and Professional Studies program, Dr. Christopher J. Cyphers, Executive Vice President of LIM College said, “In today’s world, lifelong learning is appealing, enjoyable and, for many, a career requirement. Gaining additional knowledge and expertise can often provide increased job security. As the leader in fashion-related business education, LIM College is well-positioned to serve the educational needs of fashion industry professionals who want to advance their careers, as well as those who simply wish to expand their knowledge base for their own self-fulfillment.”

The 21 courses will be presented in three tracks:

  • Creative Technology and Business Skills which includes instruction in: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Google Sketchup Pro3D, and visual merchandising and display
  • Career Development and Discovery which includes courses in: fashion writing, personal branding, digital fashion communications, entrepreneurship, marketing a start-up fashion business, public relations, event planning, trend forecasting, fashion photography, and vintage apparel buying.
  • “Happenings-Talks-Sights in the City” which includes classes in event planning, fashion trend tracking, fashion’s relationship to architecture and art, and a walking tour of the famed Ladies’ Mile retail district.

To register for LIM College’s Continuing Education and Professional Studies courses please visit: Call 1-800-677-1322 or email for more information.