Bryant & Stratton Second Life GraduationBryant & Stratton College graduates will receive their degrees where they earned them – online. In what is the first live Second Life graduation, 150 year old Bryant & Stratton College will host a fully online, “virtual” graduation ceremony in June. Approximately 40 graduates from Bryant & Stratton’s online degree programs have committed to receive their hard earned degrees, in avatar form, on the college’s virtual campus. The Bryant & Stratton ceremony will be the first time a graduation will be fully hosted on Second Life, including the procession, the commencement speaker and the conferring of degrees to students who are even draped in their digital caps and gowns.

The Bryant & Stratton Second Life graduation will be held June 10, 2009. While only graduates and their families will be in attendance, those interested in learning more can either join Second Life (below), or request more information on the schools online degree programs.

Founder and Chairman of Second Life to Speak at Graduation

Upon hearing about this historic and innovative event Philip Rosedale, Founder and Chairman of Second Life expressed interest and agreed to be the commencement speaker for the approximately 40 graduates. He will address the students during the June 10th, 2009 ceremony in avatar form.

Explore the Bryant & Stratton “Virtual” Campus

Come visit us for yourself. The Bryant & Stratton campus in Second Life is open to the public 24/7. Visit the Student Recreation Pavilion where students come to meet and socialize and get to know each other. Visit the Outdoor Amphitheater where we host a series of educational guest speakers that address degree specific industry topics. Or, check out the Open House building where we let prospective students come in and meet with staff from admissions, financial aid, and even current students to get a better feel for the college. In fact, we enrolled a new student at our very first open house event.