Daphne Galkin

Daphne Galkin, Dean of Academics at CW, has been nominated by her dissertation Chair at Manhattanville College for the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award through the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU).

The K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award recognizes graduate students who show exemplary promise as future leaders of higher education; demonstrate a commitment to developing academic and civic responsibility in themselves and others; and whose work reflects a strong emphasis on teaching and learning.

Daphne Galkin earned her B.A. from SUNY Albany in 2002, after which she worked at Texas A&M University as an alumni career counselor.  Daphne returned to NY for graduate school and earned her M.A. from New York University in 2006, at which time she also started at the College of Westchester as an Academic Advisor.  Following several promotions over 8 years, Daphne currently works as Dean of Academic Services. Daphne’s work with students with learning disabilities over the last few years inspired her to pursue this as a research topic upon her enrollment in the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at Manhattanville College in 2012.  Daphne is expected to complete her coursework and defend her final dissertation, which is titled Understanding the Decision-Making Processes involved in Accommodating Students with Learning Disabilities Entering College, in the summer of 2015.

The award recipients of the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders will be determined this coming December. Congratulations for being nominated for such a prestigious award Daphne!

For more information about the K. Patricia Cross Future Leaders Award visit:

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