Dr. Chris Nwosisi

College of Westchester Professor and Associate Chair of the Computer Network Department, Dr. Chris Nwosisi, participated at the fifth annual International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (ICSIE 2016) from May 11-13 in Tokyo, Japan. The team of presenters included 12 experts from across the globe, including Norway, India, USA, Singapore, China, and Lebanon.

In his presentation, “Agile Methodology Experience in the Educational Environment” Dr. Nwosisi spoke of a new teaching method, which addresses the rapid evolution of technology and encourages collaboration, teamwork, interaction, and constant feedback.

Also, Dr. Nwosisi served as Program Co-Chairs of ICSIE 2016.

The goal of the ICSIE 2016 is to expose the research results, advertise knowledge, and bring forth ideas between the academic communities and the industrial organizations.

ICSIE 2Each year, ICSIE gathers researchers, experts, and inventive academics to the convention in order to get involved with constructive conversations on theoretical approaches and ideas as well as exchange the most recent information about the concepts and applications of engineering, science, and technology. These engineers, scientists, faculty members, scholarly researchers, and students take part in this forum annually.

For more information about ICSIE visit: http://www.icsie.org/