By Karen Smith

Please enjoy this cross-post from Dr. Warren Rosenberg, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty at The College of Westchester.

In September, President Obama launched a bus tour to promote his agenda for higher education reform. Among the central elements of his agenda were the following:
• Making a college education more affordable
• Course redesign including massive open online courses
• Competency based learning that moves away from seat time
• More efforts to recognize prior learning
• Rewarding colleges for enrolling large numbers of students eligible for Pell Grants
• Recognizing initiatives that foster student success and specifically citing Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative

While these initiatives may be new on the President’s agenda, they are already well underway at CW. Here are some specific examples.

First of all, 75% of CW’s students are Pell Grant eligible and we appreciate that President Obama recognizes the special challenges, and the importance, of serving a population of students with high financial need and for proposing to reward colleges such as CW for serving this population.

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