LIM College’s Visual Merchandising Department prides itself on providing students with career-building and life-changing experiences.

To that end, senior Carinne Cusanelli accompanied Visual Merchandising Department Chair Eric Feigenbaum to Germany to give a joint presentation at the EHI Retail Design Conference, which was held in Dusseldorf on Sept. 18-19.

Their presentation, titled “Retail’s Window to the World” dealt with New York City’s famed Fifth Avenue. In developing it, the Visual Merchandising Department arranged for Carinne to interview Harry Cunningham, Vice President of Visual Merchandising and Store Design at Saks Fifth Avenue; Pucci International President Ralph Pucci; and Ken Smart, Former Vice President of Visual Merchandising at Saks.

This is not Carinne’s first professional experience as a Visual Merchandising major. She completed an internship with Anthropologie’s visual display team in Rockfeller Center and now she’s interning with the visual merchandising team at Elie Tahari’s corporate headquarters. In the spring, an ensemble she created using DHL packaging materials was featured on a mannequin displayed in the company’s booth at New York Fashion Week (photo).

She says, “I feel honored to have had the opportunity to go to Germany and represent LIM College’s Visual Merchandising Department. It is very exciting to be able to share what is happening on New York City’s iconic Fifth Avenue with conference attendees.”