LUEDERS, LAURELLIM College, which is located in New York City and focused exclusively on the study of business and fashion, has named Laurel Lueders as Chair of the College’s Visual Merchandising department, effective July 1, 2016.

Professor Lueders joined LIM in 2013 as an adjunct faculty member and in 2014 she was promoted to full-time lecturer in the Arts & Sciences department, where she taught a variety of classes in art history and cultural studies.

Before coming to LIM, Professor Lueders was on the faculty at the Art Institute of New York. Her teaching career began at the University of Wisconsin’s flagship campus at Madison, where she received a master’s degree in Design Studies. She later earned an MFA in Fine Arts, with a focus on Interdisciplinary Studio practice, from the School of Visual Arts. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin she spent her college and early professional career years in Madison, Wisconsin.

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