APClogo022316Monroe College created the AIMHigh Empowerment Institute (AIMHigh EI) in the fall of 2014 to counter troubling national statistics regarding the weak enrollment – and even weaker program completion rates – for urban young men of color. Through AIM (Ambition, Inspiration, and Motivation) High EI, select students acquire the skills, confidence, and perspective to effectively transform their lives through education.

Inductees participate in twice-weekly mentoring sessions where they receive guidance on academics, job skills, personal conduct and character, and are counseled on how best to manage any personal challenges. They visit local schools to inspire others and engage in myriad community outreach and volunteering projects to learn accountability and responsibility. A full 90 percent of AIMHigh EI students were still actively enrolled one year later – a retention rate nearly double the national trend, with 12 percent of them making the dean’s or president’s list.

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