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LIM College to Launch Master of Professional Studies Degree Program in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management

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LIM College's new logoLIM College, which is focused exclusively on the study of business and fashion, has received approval from the New York State Board of Regents to launch a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree program in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management.

The 30-credit program is designed to provide students who hold bachelor’s degrees in fields other than fashion with comprehensive knowledge that will allow them to pursue successful careers in the areas of merchandising and retail management. Full-time students will complete the program, which includes an internship, in three semesters throughout one calendar year.

Ideal for professionals who seek an accelerated graduate degree and career support to make a transition into the fashion industry, LIM College plans to begin MPS classes in January of 2013.

According to Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President of LIM College, “The MPS program was developed specifically with the industry’s evolving needs in mind. With the global expansion of domestic and international retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, as well as the rapid growth of advanced technologies, the outlook for career opportunities in fashion merchandising and retail management is robust.”

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SVA Joins Elite Cumulus Association in the 2012 ‘World Design Capital’

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On May 26 SVA officially became a member of Cumulus, the international association of 189 universities and colleges of art, design and media, at the organization’s annual general assembly in Helsinki, Finland. The event took place on the historic Toolo campus of the city’s renowned Aalto University, concluding a three-day gathering of 400 chief academic officers, educators and researchers from over 40 countries.

From architect Alvar Aalto to composer Jean Sibelius, some of the 20th century’s greatest creative minds have called Helsinki home and left their mark, making it a fitting place in which to consider the role of creative professionals in improving the quality of life in the world’s cities—the theme for this year’s Cumulus conference. In the course of over 80 presentations, attendees laid out models for artists and designers to become fully engaged in the betterment of their communities.

“With a continuously updated goal of designing a better world in a truly global context, Cumulus is a perfect fit for SVA,” said SVA Provost Jeffrey Nesin, who attended the conference along with MFA Interaction Design Department Chair Liz Danzico.

Also on the conference agenda was the New Members Fair, where SVA Executive Director of Admissions and Student Affairs Javier Vega and Director of Communication Michael Grant greeted representatives from European, Asian and Middle Eastern institutions seeking international exchanges and partnerships.

The conference was hosted by Aalto University, one of 25 international institutions that currently welcome SVA students for a semester abroad under SVA’s International Exchange Program.

Helsinki’s art and design attractions are on full display this year as the city hosts numerous special exhibitions and events as part of the World Design Capital 2012 program. For details, click here.

Image: Cumulus President Christian Guellerin opens the conference. Photo credits: Katarzyna Balcerowska and Hanna Karkku.