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Statement from The New York State Association Of Proprietary Colleges President Stephen Jerome in Response to the U.S Department Of Education’s Release Of Gainful Employment Draft Rates

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The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) today released informational data from more than a thousand U.S. colleges and institutions of higher education related to its “gainful employment” rule focusing on students’ ability to secure employment following graduation and manage debt.

The information focused on more than 28,000 programs offered at colleges across the nation and included data provided to the federal government by members of New York’s Association of Proprietary Colleges (APC), a coalition of New York State’s 27 degree-granting colleges.

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“New York’s APC is committed to being part of the solution, and will continue to take steps to provide students with access to information, counseling and data to make sound financial decisions that result in obligations they will carry long after they have completed their degree.

However, it is important to note that the escalation of student debt is today a national concern, having commanded headlines, and been front-and-center during family discussions irrespective of income and neighborhood.  This concern is heightened by a tight job market.

And while student debt is acknowledged as a national problem, the focus of the federal review on the proprietary sector is narrow – affecting a mere 11 percent of students nationally.

The DOE’s metric is complicated and costly; and its methodology flawed and punitive, holding colleges accountable for the financial decisions made independently by students. The DOE’s approach threatens the existence of mainstream programs such as business administration and criminal Justice, as well as top-tier programs in fine arts and those touching high-demand career paths such as health care and culinary arts, among others.

In New York State, the proprietary sector of higher education is carefully regulated by the Board of Regents to ensure academic integrity that places it on par with the other higher educational sectors and provides consumer protections and confidence worthy of a sound investment.

This is a record we are proud of, but it is also true that for many students, college costs are for the foreseeable future, a major financial burden – one that will likely be part of a portfolio of recurring expenses such as housing, groceries, health insurance and childcare.

There are a number of steps that all sectors of higher education can pursue to make these costs more manageable.  APC member colleges are committed to:

  • Counseling students about assessing their individual circumstances, and the merits of financial literacy;
  • Working to secure grants and aid that will help limit academic-related expenses;
  • Offering access to courses that ensure timely completion of degree requirements; and
  • Providing data about average starting salaries of various occupations, and employment forecasts.

The DOE is trying to remedy a complex economic problem, associated with student debt, and New York’s proprietary sector remains committed to assisting in the effort.  However, the DOE’s current methodology and approach singularly target many colleges that excel in preparing a well-educated, focused workforce for the jobs of the future.”

SVA Students Sweep One Show College Competition

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SVA students won a record-setting eight Pencil awards at the 2012 One Show Young Ones College Competition. Students working in teams as part of Frank Anselmo’s Unconventional Advertising class in the BFA Advertising and Graphic Design Department addressed the competition’s challenge to create campaigns for either PETA or Stride gum. The two Gold, three Silver and three Bronze Pencils earned by SVA students is double the number of awards won by any other school in the competition. In addition, 35 five SVA students were named finalists—more than any other school in the competition’s history.

Winning teams were recognized at an awards ceremony on May 9 at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, where they received the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Pencils in addition to cash prizes. Finalists are recognized by a listing in the One Show Annual and online in the Awards archive.

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Bloomingdale’s Chairman and CEO Delivers Keynote Address at LIM College Commencement

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Mr. Gould said, “Above all have passion for what you do! In 44+ years I have only had one job for just six months, the rest of the time I have had a passion.”

“As John Gardner said in a 1990 speech on personal renewal, ‘We learn by growing older, by suffering, by loving, by bearing with things we can’t change, by taking risks. You will learn that the world loves talent but pays off on character,’” Mr. Gould continued.

In concluding Mr. Gould told the students, “What I wish for you today and throughout your careers is the endless feeding at the trough of hope, of passion, of dreams, of learning, of constant self-renewal in the quest that everyone has within themselves to be more than you thought you could be.”

Mr. Gould was also presented with LIM College’s Distinguished Achievement Award and an honorary Doctor of Commercial Science degree. Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer also received an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree at the ceremony, during which approximately 300 LIM College undergraduate students and 26 MBA graduates received degrees.

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LIM College Creations Displayed at National Stationery Show

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LIM College dazzled attendees of the National Stationery Show at New York City’s Javits Center from May 20-23. Students Carinne Cusanelli, Dorothy Lamboy, Ron Domantay and Melissa Mauer, along with professors Marjorie Lee Woo, Grailing King, Monica Rakocy and Eric Feigenbaum, created a 1,600 square-foot display for the Best New Products at the show.

Said Visual Merchandising Department Chair Eric Feigenbaum, “Our display was the talk of the show – with a dynamic Hollywood red carpet theme that included an LIM College ‘step and repeat,’ and two life-size and eight miniature handcrafted paper fashions.”

This was the fifth year that the College’s Visual Merchandising Department partnered with George Little Management, the producers of the National Stationery Show, to stage this presentation and give students yet another opportunity for real-world experience. The process included several client meetings, two brainstorming sessions, a design and development session, specification, purchasing, and installation. Each student received a $100 stipend for his or her participation.